Week 2 Learning - Camp book activities started. Great writing in Rm 17.

Students getting camp updates! Exciting!!!

Check out a descriptive pieces of writing. The students were given pictures from a travel magazine & using their five senses, had to imagine they were in the picture and describe all of the details. Great work Room 17.

In My Town of Magic - by Elijah
In my town of magic I see the beautiful reflection of rustic lit-up buildings in the sparkling waters of a crystal blue lake
In my town I see magic floating through the air. It's ancient charm fills people with a rush of excitement.
My town of magic is filled with boats hovering over their own glistening reflections, their masts tall and straight, and rows of squished buildings looking over the small busy markets.
In my town of magic the small busy people are going about their day. It makes my heart soar like it has wings of an angel.
I'll go sailing in my town and have a jolly good time!

End of week 1. Getting to know each other. New furniture. Yay!

What a great start to the term! The students are working well, getting to know each other and producing some amazing writing.

Check out our new furniture too!
Low tables that can form a large table that seats 8.
High table with stools!
Booths for quiet time or for students who like to work alone.
A curved table for conferencing.
Two remarkable book monitors who are onto it!

Welcome to Room 17's 2020 Learning Journey

Kia ora whanau

What a great start to the term we had today! The students have settled in well, they're very organised and getting to know each other through a variety of activities.

Room 16 and I introduced our new website today, so please ask your child to share this with you. They can access it through their Google Drive Accounts. If you have any problems, please feel free to email me.

Don't forget to check in regularly for learning updates! Ka kite.